Hay Barns

Below are photos of a few different styles and sizes of Hay Barns we build. We can build any size you need, we may give  be able to give you an estimate of how many bales (depending upon bale size) will fit into a specific size barn. Give us a call if you have any questions about a custom Hay Barn you would like built for you!

Some photos below show Metal Truss style, and Wood truss style. The Metal trusses can be higher in price, but are sturdier if accidentally knocked by a round bale being stored or removed by tractor; and they provide a little more space in your hay barn. The wood truss is a more popular choice due to its more economically friendly pricing.

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(Below) Metal truss style Hay barn 

Colors: ( Barn Red sides) & ( Forest Green roof/trim)

 (below) Wood Truss Hay barn, this barn is attached to a pre-existing barn in the rear.


 Wood Truss hay barn with less enclosure on the sides.


Additional hay barn photos below



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